The Unwanted Guest

Every house has its creaks and bumps in the night, but when those noises begin to assault you too then you’ve really got problems! In this case history I reveal the story of an ordinary family from a nice suburban estate whose lives had been invaded by a malevolent force that was disrupting both the days and nights of the inhabitants. All I knew were some basic symptoms, and I had done some preliminary dowsing remotely to see if I could assess the strength and urgency of the issue. It was both strong and urgent, so I visited them as soon as I could.

On arrival I was made welcome by a nervous family – mother, father and three teenage girls. They were used to their sister’s “white witch” ways and proclaimed themselves open-minded to what we might find. The father remained silent. I invited the assembled household to tell me some of the events that had been happening, and the discussion suddenly went into overdrive – the incidents tumbled out like a flash flood – they couldn’t speak quickly enough. All except the father, until he was pressed to reveal how it had affected him. Then he was able to add a tale or two that even this self-proclaimed sceptic couldn’t explain.

They talked of two different types of incidents. In one type there were items moved around the house which only a few had witnessed directly. The first type was classic poltergeist activity at a low level. They described the dangling crystal beads on a small chandelier lampshade left swinging when no-one was around and no windows were open; knocking from upstairs that everyone downstairs could hear; a thump as though something was jumping off a bed onto the hardwood floor. On investigation nothing would be there, of course. Doors closing unexpectedly, even with deep pile carpets that would prevent explanations of draughts or wind.

The second type of behaviour was slightly more sinister. The two elder girls who had separate rooms both reported sleep paralysis symptoms, feeling like they couldn’t move. They also felt as though they had been suffocated and even choked on one occasion! Finally, one of the girls reported that she felt that she had been moved in her bed by some force. This was very recent behaviour, and from the history of the accounts it was clear that the symptoms were getting more frequent, and more powerful by the day.

Having discovered that the energetic remnants of a pet was causing some of the more mundane disturbances, I was left with a set of reported symptoms that were much more sinister and threatening. Psychologically the symptoms sounded like the phenomenon of Sleep Paralysis, yet the rest of the reported symptoms did not match that! There was something else going on here.

Indeed, when I had remotely dowsed the house to ensure I had a flavour of what to expect, the one question that I was invited to answer from my checklist – the one deemed most important – was the one that asked how long it would be until the energy disturbance became life or mind-threatening. The answers was just over two weeks from the initial contact. I had to act fast! I set about investigating the second set of symptoms.

Three teenage girls and spirit activity – a classic combination

The Feeling at the Top of the Stairs

The first patch of ‘heaviness’ was to be found at the top of the stairs, on the landing. This was where the girls had described a large proportion of the disturbance as emanating from. They were right. I could feel the energy in the air and it set my arm hairs tingling and my stomach cramping. Definitely a subtle energy spot there – the air positively bristled with it.

Still in search of the source of the sinister energy the rods began to take me on a tour of the bedrooms, turning at various key points, then leading me into the bathroom, but ending at the pillow on the bed of one of the girls. This was the end point for the energy trail – the location of the entity itself.

I went back to look at the heavy presence in the other girls’ shared bedroom too.

There was a clear spot in an otherwise cluttered room and this seemed to be the most energetic, judging by feel alone. It had similar characteristics to the spot at the top of the stairs, and I noticed there was a full-length mirror right next to the energy in the bedroom. It was mentioned how bad this was in terms of Feng Shui and this gave the girls a chance to lobby their parents for new bedroom furniture!

Mirrors opposite beds can reflect energy in an unhelpful way

I thought it was interesting that this energy did not fail to invade the bathroom  either. The energy trail did a full sweep of the bathroom, rather than a quick “in and out” like it did in the parents’ bedroom. Given that there were four women in the house I guess there was a lot of activity in that room, and the sinister entity was in the habit of accompanying them in there. I shuddered a little at that thought.

I had done the reverse dowsing by finding the entity. Now I needed the connecting start point. What was currently acting as the energetic “battery” powering this entity’s growth? The end point was one of the girls’ bedrooms, but I didn’t know which girl used it yet. I followed the trail downstairs in the dining room and found that it circled around one of the chairs. Some fashion magazines and sketches were on the table. Someone was doing some work or study. I continued into the front room and found everyone chatting. The rods moved towards one of the girls and circled around her. She looked shocked but I smiled. “Nothing to worry about!” I said, but I didn’t really know at that point whether that was true or not!

I asked some questions seeing as I was in the room now. Whose room was that above us (where the rods had defined a source)? It was the same girl who I had just picked out a moment ago! And who has been working at the table recently? Same girl. Ahhh….seems I had found something interesting. The entity was currently linked to one of the girls in particular. The one most active and most stressed – she was trying to put together a portfolio in order to get a new job. One might consider that she was therefore the most energetically powerful and yet vulnerable too.

I had some suspicions about the type of entity we were dealing with, but first I dowsed to check whether I was on the right trail. What was the type of energy that was causing this energy trail? It was not huma. It was not angelic, nor extra-terrestrial. It was in the category “other” which put it into a long list of energy forms based on mythological and historical reports. This confirmed it for me. I thought that we were dealing with a form of entity called an Incubus – a type of energy vampire.

The incubus imagined in marble

I dowsed again for the source of the problem, intent on dealing with it, and found that  it had moved. So, it was active! It was now in the bedroom of the two other girls, under the dangling chandelier lampshade that they had reported as having moved around on its own. Interesting! So the girls I had identified wasn’t “the source”, but rather the focus of attention for this entity that was causing the activity, and was therefore registering crudely as the source?

More dowsing confirmed that the activity was not due to the girls themselves. Something was here, upstairs, and close by. I decided to act immediately – the strength of the entity was a 9/10 and I knew that there were only weeks before it gained total control over the family’s mental or energetic states. I went downstairs to report my findings and discuss the options. My dowsing earlier had insisted that the best method to use was dissipation. I got the family’s agreement, and began to assemble the required materials:-

  • a Tibetan singing bowl
  • some incense
  • a set of crystals imbued with elemental powers
  • a stone with a carved spiral that I felt was very powerful

The Dissipation

The dowsing had been clear. This energy needed to be dissipated. I set about it. I  placed the spiral stone on the upstairs landing at the centre of the trails as it moved in and out of each room – this caused the spirit to be unable to move past the stone because of the spiral carved into it. The spiral acted like a labyrinth design, preventing the movement of the spirit along its usual energy path between the bedrooms.

Next I took my elemental crystals out and went into each of the upstairs room where the energy trail had been through. I dowsed for the best place to place each crystal, and they seemed to correspond nicely to the appropriate room (e.g. the water elemental crystal was in the bathroom in the basin, and the sun crystal was in the window of another room catching the weak sunlight). The points where the crystals were placed seemed to correspond to the points in the energy trail of the entity where a spiral existed.

As I placed each crystal I could feel some of the energy of the trapped entity being drawn inexorably towards the crystal. As soon as I felt that I hit the singing bowl which caused a sound that was disruptive to the energy of the Incubus. We repeated the hits until he felt the energy flow has ceased, and then we moved on to the next one.

In each room we also lit incense to create a clarifying atmosphere, and this added to the feeling of clearing the dissipating energy. The most work was in the double bedroom where two of the girls slept. Here, where the entity itself was trapped in its power centre beneath the chandelier lampshade, we placed two crystals and rang the bowl several times to clear the energy fully. Soon the atmosphere of the place, the whole upstairs area, had changed substantially. There were no more “heavy” patches of subtle energy at all. It felt clear.

The clearance work had created a vacuum by removing the entity, and I sought to replace this with something positive. I placed my “heart crystal” on the spirit’s former favourite spot, and held a carved stone I had brought, putting positive energy into it. I left the stone in the room to continue to emanate positive energies, and to continue to seal the gap.

Finally, I dowsed that the energy had gone (you could feel it), but that it would take three days before all the associated thought-form energy had also dissipated too and the house was truly clear. When I reported back to the family there was an audible sigh of relief. These girls hadn’t been sleeping properly for some weeks, and now they could finally get some much-needed sleep. You know teenagers – they need more than “normal” people!

A few weeks later I heard back from the family. All was now quiet, and there have been no further scares – no noises, no bumps, no things moving. Looks like I managed to completely resolve these ‘happenings’, either from an energetic or a spiritual viewpoint. I’m just glad the girls can get some rest now, undisturbed.

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