Transforming haunting memories

This is the story of Andrea – a young lady who was haunted by the face of her grandfather on his death bed. I will explain how with one visit I was able to transform her memories into a happier image and resolve her sleep issues.

I met Andrea’s mother during a business meeting, and over the course of the conversation she revealed that her daughter was having some issues which she described to me. Andrea was having trouble sleeping. She had not slept properly for six months. She had been present at her grandfather’s passing, and at that moment she had seen his face at the moment of death. This had become a recurring image in her mind, and one which would disturb her as she tried to get to sleep each night. Her mother asked me whether I could help. I thought about it, and agreed that I could.

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Haunting image

Remote observations

At the end of my conversation with Andrea’s mother I asked her if I could get permission to dowse the house remotely in order to gather some initial information. This was readily agreed, and so that evening I set about making a remote connection. This is one of the skills that I have learned over the years, and soon I was able to put my dowsing rods to good use and ask questions as though I were in the home itself. Within minutes I had learned that there was some energy remaining in the house which had the imprint of the grandfather.

Connecting to that energy I put out the feeling that I wanted to help. Would this be reciprocated or rejected, I wondered? It was accepted and I felt a warm feeling of acceptance and gratitude. This was a very positive start, but now how should I approach changing this image? Whilst still connecting with the grandfather’s energy remotely I asked for suggestions, and two were given. The grandfather energy suggested that his image was that of when he was in his prime. Perhaps I could ask them to assemble some photographs and find out which one was the closest to how he wanted to represent himself in spirit?

The second suggestion was to invite this grandfather’s energy to interact with his grand-daughter. To do this I could use a unique formation of crystals which I would discover through dowsing. The purpose would also be made clear to me – one side of the layout would be to bring the energy in, and the other side would be to promote feelings of love. Together, these two types of crystals would bring the living and the dead together for a moment of transformation. All I had to do was to use my intuitive skills to pick which crystals would be suitable and then gather them together for the event. The next day I went shopping at my local crystal store for Tiger’s Eye and Rose Quartz.

Making contact

Now it was time to make personal contact. The first thing I do with my initial free consultation is to listen. I phoned Andrea’s mother and with her approval I spoke to Andrea directly, and let her describe the history and details of the story about how her condition came about. It was clear that the death bed scene at which she had been present had made a lasting impression on her. It was the first human death she had witnessed in person, and with someone very close to her. But now she had an abiding memory that she didn’t want and which she couldn’t change!

After introducing myself and describing how I expected to be working that evening, I asked if I could begin by dowsing for any remnant energies of the girl’s grandfather. With this agreed I began to follow my dowsing rods as they took me to two main locations:-

  1. Two mirrors placed at right-angles to each other in a bedroom
  2. A green jacket on a rail of clothes hanging in a small bedroom

The mirrors dowse as being a problem on a rating of 7/10. Ten is the most, so seven is a significant reading.

Trapped By Mirrors

I took a moment to connect to the energy spot that I found fixed where the mirrors reflected each other. I knew this was “bad feng shui”, but that wasn’t what I thought was going on here. I was searching for the grandfather’s energy, and the fact that it stopped here, close to a bed (possibly Andrea’s bed) was highly significant. I opened an energetic connection to the energy and probed for a response.

Mirrors facing trap subtle energy

In moments I was understanding that the grandfathers’ energy was trapped here. Fixated. When he was appearing to his grand-daughter it was only to attract her attention to his difficulties. Unfortunately, the energy was confused (constantly being reflected on itself) and this was coming across to Andrea as an unattractive and somewhat fearful image. She was feeling his pain and confusion at being trapped and this was manifesting as an image from her store of images which matched this frequency. His death bed face.

A Confirmed Green Jacket

The dowsing rods had pointed directly to a specific jacket in a line of several garments which hung from a rail. When I described the jacket to Andrea and her mother later they agreed that this was significant. The jacket belonged to the grandfather, and they strongly associated that item with him. That was simply confirmation that I was dealing with the right energy.


I began by asking whether I could move one of the mirrors. I got agreement to temporarily move the tall free-standing mirror and turn it around, at least until the energy paths had been allowed to re-form and flow freely for a while in order to effect a cure for Andrea’s visions. Wow – try to get a girl to remove a mirror! We laughed when she asked if there was some other way. There wasn’t, so we turned the mirror around. immediately the path of energy coming into the room moved beyond the mirror’s position and could be found flowing freely into a corner of the room (and then out of the house).

The next stage was to see if I could change the image that Andrea had of her grandfather. To do this they ladies had arranged lots of pictures of him on their kitchen table. I dowsed from photo to photo in turn until the rods crossed. When they did so I pointed to the picture that had been selected. It was a fun picture, and from a time when the grandfather had definitely been in his prime. Happy, contented, fun, free. It was a great photo and chimed strongly with the ladies, who explained its significance. I asked Andrea to imprint the image in her mind – this was the face that the grandfather wanted to be remembered by. She needed to keep that photo handy to remind her.

Finally, we all gathered in the main front room where I said that I would be laying out a set of crystals that I had assembled for the purpose of changing the energy pattern that Andrea had got associated with this sequence of events. I wanted to change her energy vibration to disrupt the old pattern and create a new harmonious one that would encourage her to feel comfortable with her grandfather’s energetic presence once again.

Tigers Eye and Quartz crystals

Tigers Eye and Quartz crystals

I laid out the crystals – the quartz, rose quartz and Tiger’s Eyes, and then dowsed for where I should stand. Now, this grandfather was a real joker the ladies had told me. So, there was a great deal of amusement when I dowsed that I needed to stand in a corner of the room beneath a standing lamp! I looked ridiculous and cramped, but it was where I had to be!

I asked Andrea to stand in the centre, and then invited her grandfather to come into the layout. I felt a presence move around the layout, weave through the Tiger’s Eyes, then through the Rose Quartz, and finally to find its way into the centre where Andrea stood. I was holding a clear quartz crystal and this focused my intention throughout the process. The feeling of his presence in the layout suddenly grew in intensity and I asked that he harmonize with his grand-daughter. I saw the old man place his hands on Andrea’s shoulders, and suddenly she swayed backwards a little! She seemed to shudder then open her eyes in astonishment. I smiled at her.

“Did you feel his presence?” I asked. She nodded in agreement. Her mother looked astonished, but pleased. It was over, I explained. Everything would return to normal in a matter of around a week, The mirror needed to be kept turned around for several days.

What happened next?

I did a follow-up call with Andrea after she contacted me five days later. She had texted me to say that she was sleeping properly for the first time in six months, and that everything was fine now. I called anyway and she was fine. The life of one young lady could return back to an even keel after a very disturbing episode. A great result. She has had no further symptoms since then.

If you have had similar haunting experiences and feel like I could help you, then get in touch and we can discuss how I may be able to resolve it.

Kind regards,


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