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Find out why people are recommending Chris’ services when they have spiritual needs or paranormal experiences. Clients and colleagues offer their recommendation and character reference.

Andrea : Energy re-configuration

Re-energise through energy healing

Change your patterns

Andrea was seeing a lasting image of her deceased grandfather which caused her to be unable to go to sleep. This had lasted 6 months. I worked with her to change her energy pattern which caused her to change her image of her grandfather. Then I ensured that the blockages were removed allowing energy to flow freely through her house. After five days she was able to sleep again.

“Last night was the first night with no image and an ‘easy’ fall to sleep! I’m very happy and very thankful!”

Carole : Tarot readings

“I find Chris to be an easy person to talk to with a good ear for listening. He is of a non-judgemental character, and offered me

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For re-assurance and direction

guidance via his Tarot Card readings. I found these readings to be very accurate, and they helped me through a very difficult time dealing with family issues.

Although the outcome of my situation remained the same as it was something I could not change, Chris guided me through the transformation of me being extremely negative. He showed how the cards had suggested a way that I could change how I was thinking and how I could deal with things in a more positive way.

I am now aware that there are many things in life that I cannot change but the way in which I deal with them comes from me, and this is all as a result of the Tarot readings.”


Fiona: Spiritual guidance

Find your purpose - find your soul

Find your purpose – Find your soul

“Chris has offered terrific emotional help and motivation using his dowsing and spiritual skills – and I will always be thankful to him. I would absolutely recommend Chris as the person to go to and am looking forward to using his skills in the future.”