Cancer healing #4 – Wells and wellness

This is the fourth part in my series of posts about working on complementing the healing process for cancer using subtle energy. In this post I have just got back from visiting an old holy well called Ffynnon Sarah, which is located near to the village of Nannerch in Denbighshire, North Wales. While I was at the […]

Cancer healing #3 – The Quartz Coincidence

In the third part of my cancer healing work I recount how an odd coincidence becomes a crucial focal point for strengthening the connection between the patient, Sarah, and myself as her healer. As I prepared to visit Sarah for our third session I felt that I should equip myself with a smoky quartz crystal […]

Transforming haunting memories

This is the story of Andrea – a young lady who was haunted by the face of her grandfather on his death bed. I will explain how with one visit I was able to transform her memories into a happier image and resolve her sleep issues. I met Andrea’s mother during a business meeting, and over the […]