I offer a range of services to cover every circumstance, and I tailor the service to your individual needs. Please call me on 07889 750345 or e-mail me at to discuss how I can help you.

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Selling Your Property

Has your house been on the market for longer than you would like? Having problems renting your property to the right tenant? Estate Agents can tell you about market value, about the competition in your locality, and they may even give you some hints about changing the decor to promote a sale. What Estate Agents can’t tell you about some of the hidden or subtle factors that may be affecting your house and its potential to attract buyers.

Using my home-dowsing service I can check a number of factors that could be causing buyers to look elsewhere. These include:-

  • Environmental factors affecting the property or grounds which surveys wouldn’t pick up on:
    • electrical fields from overhead pylons, underground cables or substations
    • chemical or waste pollutants
    • noise pollution
    • strong energy fields
    • geological fracture or stress
  • Social factors:
    • location
    • access to amenities
    • proximity to schools
    • road noise or traffic volume
    • neighbour issues
  • The energy and feel of the property, which plays a large part in how buyers decide whether your house is their new home
  • The percentage of potential buyers who would:
    • buy it as it is
    • buy it if the style was changed
    • only buy it if money was taken off for repairs/reconstruction/redecoration
    • never buy it, and are wasting your time

With this additional knowledge you reclaim the power to make the changes necessary to get your property sold. Don’t be left guessing – get a dowser in!

Energy Harmonization and Feng Shui

What is Energy Harmonization?

When you or your home, or the spaces that you regularly inhabit are not in tune with each other then the dischord can build until it becomes a problem for you or those around you. You will recognise that you have a problem if you notice any of these symptoms in yourself or a place you visit:-

  • You hear noises or things move on their own inexplicably
  • You feel an eerie or malevolent presence in a room which makes you feel uncomfortable
  • You avoid a particular room or part of a room, or you feel weak and depleted if you have to stay there
  • Your mind is constantly churning with thoughts and tasks which makes it difficult to go to sleep
  • You feel like you don’t have enough energy to get things done, even though you eat properly and regularly
  • You rent property but it attracts disruptive or impermanent tenants
  • You experience often inexplicable ill health or malaise on a regular basis

All of these symptoms show different aspects of energy fields clashing, or having hidden energy in your environment that is not in harmony with you right now. Through energy harmonization these hidden energy fields can be attuned so that they work in harmony with each other, and all unwanted energy fields can be changed.

Stages of the Process

The first stage in any such process is for us to have a free consultation so that I can understand the situation and we can agree how I can investigate further. Then I go on to investigate and resolve any issues discovered.

STAGE 1: Consultation 

  • Contact me via my details on the Contact page
  • I will listen and then let you know how I can investigate further

STAGE 2: Investigation and Resolution

  • We can meet online, at your home, or in a mutually convenient place
  • Preliminary work can often be done by me remotely
  • I will investigate the issues we have discussed and let you know how I can help
  • I will work with you to resolve the issue(s), agreeing a satisfactory end point beforehand
  • Work can be done on-site or remotely (on-site work incurs travel expenses)

STAGE 3: Follow-Up

  • I will follow-up with you to check that change is going according to plan
  • Follow-ups give you peace of mind, and are free unless substantial further work needs to be done

OPTIONAL EXTRA: A report can be created to record my findings and recommendations which will be e-mailed or posted to you. £15.

NOTE: Travel expenses are charge on all visits. A typical session will last between 1-2 hours. A typical total charge is therefore in the region of £50-100+travel.

Dowsing Tuition

Dowsing is an ancient skill that is still practised by many in the farming community today. Although it is primarily known for its application to finding water sources, it has far wider uses than this. Dowsing can be used to find hidden objects and energies, and ss a method of divination you can get access to knowledge that you may not normally consider.

Dowsing can therefore be used as a means of guidance for those seeking spiritual direction and purpose, or as an everyday tool for discovering more about the world and its hidden powers.

I run a series of one-day dowsing courses to suit either beginners or the more experienced dowser. Watch the Events page for up-to-date information on venues, dates and times.

Beginning Dowsing

  • Contains theory, history and practical elements to give a firm grounding in techniques and tools
  • Suitable for those who are curious about dowsing, but have little or no experience of it
  • A one day course – see the Events page for up-coming listings

Intermediate Dowsing

  • Learn to discover more than just water
  • Topics include: power centres, ley lines and the energy grid, remote dowsing, map dowsing, working with empowering and depleting energies
  • Suitable for those who have at least a basic familiarity with dowsing tools and techniques
  • A one day course – see the Events page for up-coming listings

I also run a series of free seminars and webinars on various subjects including megalithic sites and dowsing. Watch for posts and listings on the Events page for information about where and when these are being run.

Tarot Readings

Readings are done using the Druidcraft Tarot deck.

Single issue reading

  • A reading to help get context and direction for a particular issue, either for yourself or someone close to you.
  • Readings are done ‘offline’ and a full written report of the cards, meanings and interpretations will be provided within a few days of the reading request.

Life Course reading

  • A fuller reading which provides you with an understanding of your past, your present and your future course in life.
  • Particularly useful when used in conjunction with energy harmonization work in order to affirm and align outcomes.
  • You get a full written report of the cards, their meanings and the interpretation related to your life’s potential course.

Energy Healing and Meditation

Relaxation session

  • For those that find it difficult to relax and unwind I offer a session of meditation and energy calming.

Invigoration session

  • For those that need a pick-me-up and empowerment energy I offer a session of energy re-vitalisation.

Healing session

  • For those with niggling physical ailments seeking alleviation I offer a session of energy healing.

NOTE: Session can be done at your home, your workplace or in my custom-built treatment centre. Visits will be liable to an additional travel expense cost

Megalithic Site Tours

Individual single site

  • Let me show you how you can use the energies of a specific site
  • One-to-one tuition to suit your needs
  • Pick-up and drop-off service provided (£15 extra)
  • Half-day duration (at least three hours at a site)

Individual multi-site

  • Let me show you the energy properties of several sites in one area (e.g. Cumbria, Derbyshire, North Wales, Wiltshire, Devon or Cornwall)
  • One-to-one tuition to suit your needs
  • Pick-up and drop-off service provided (£15 extra)
  • One day duration (at least one hour per site; minimum four sites in a day)

Group single and multiple site visits are being organised for Summer 2015 (May-Sept). If you are interested in booking for a group outing, then please contact me to register your interest, and we can discuss your requirements.

  • The multi-site visits will be over two weekend days.
  • There will be a choice of three main areas to visit: Cumbria, North Wales and Derbyshire.
  • The first day will include packed lunches, and the second day will be at a local restaurant (included in the price)