Free Weekly Nature Meditation

I now host a weekly Nature meditation session on Tuesday evening (7:30) beginning at the end of April, and running through to October. All are welcome – the only pre-requisite is a wish to connect with Nature and a desire to relax. The meditations will be held outdoors, so dress for the weather! Come experience the power of […]

Green Pages Coffee Morning Sept 10th

Thanks to Sviltlana Bulava  of Green Pages for organising a great meeting in The Bell Tower Cafe in Chester today. It was a pleasure ot meet so many like-minded health-based businesses in our North West area. I met some fascinating people, heard some interesting talks, and am looking forward to the next meeting so that […]

Presentation – Health & Nutrition in Sport & Mobility

I will be speaking on the subject of my experiences of achieving peak physical performance with the Forever Living product Argi+, and also speaking briefly about how people can achieve peak physical performance through changes to their energy fields. Please come along if you are interested in getting the most out of your health, nutrition […]

Protection against dark energies

In this tale a friend of a friend of a friend mentioned something about their house being haunted, and next thing you know my friend is inviting me to call them to arrange a visit. Now I like to be prepared. Hence, there were introductory phone calls, confirmation calls, and a rough background on the likely encounter […]

The Unwanted Guest

Every house has its creaks and bumps in the night, but when those noises begin to assault you too then you’ve really got problems! In this case history I reveal the story of an ordinary family from a nice suburban estate whose lives had been invaded by a malevolent force that was disrupting both the […]

Reconstellation is launched!

Welcome to the inauguration of my Reconstellation service. I will be offering discounts for the first customers for any of my services – so give me a call to arrange your consultation and let’s get started on making a happier future for you!