The Right Renter

What can you do when you have the perfect home to rent out, but you can’t get the perfect tenant? You call me in to resolve the energy issues and change the situation for the better!

One of my recent clients had a beautiful family home in a delightful forest location. It was everything a family would want from a home and she was keen to rent it out as soon as possible. When she called me in the house had been standing empty for a couple of months, and she was concerned that she wasn’t getting the right kind of new tenant.

The previous occupants had been married but divorced in the home, which is usually a bad sign. There is often residual energy which can become embedded in the fabric of the house whenever humans emit such strong emotions. On most occasions such energy will naturally dissipate. If the behaviour is repeated at the same spot, or if there is a crossing point of natural earth energies within range of that emotional outburst, then such emotion (or disruptive, unharmonious energy) can become trapped. When it builds to a certain level is will become noticeable and will cause issues for other people.

The landlady who called me in had been having such issues with prospective tenants. Each prospective client was of the unsuitable kind, and one in particular was exhibiting behaviour which bordered on harassment! This unsuitable potential tenant was also in the throes of a divorce and was all tangled up in legal issues and money problems, but seemed incredibly keen on renting the property. I wanted to find out why!

How I imagine a forest house to be - idyllic and beautiful

How I imagine a forest house to be – idyllic and beautiful

The Attraction of Anger

I was left to dowse around the house. Of course it was empty, which meant that there were no distractions. Using the check-list I have developed I worked through the possible causes until I had identified that the issue was related to energy generated from humans, and specifically the previous inhabitants. Now that I knew the type of energy I wanted to find the source. I let my dowsing rods lead me outside on to an area of wooden decking just out the back overlooking the lovely garden.

My rods crossed at one particular spot in one corner. When I investigated more deeply I discovered that this was strong male energy, and that it was highly toxic. It needed to be dealt with. Before I cleared it away I wanted to try to learn how it had got here. Dowsing cannot answer such questions, but using my intuitive abilities I tuned into the energy and tried to get a vision as though through the eyes of the person who had imprinted this energy.

In a moment I was seeing a vision of the sun setting down through the trees that surrounded the garden. This man was watching the sun setting, and he was angry. He was also associating the symbolic “setting sun” image with the sunset of his marriage. That too was on the wane, and he knew it. It was making him very angry and his pain and anguish were burning into this spot, leaving a lasting energy imprint.

Now I began to understand the angry and frustrated man who was trying to become the new tenant. He was being attracted to this anger energy! Its frequency matched his own energy vibration at this time. Now I knew what I needed to do to resolve the problem.

Anger becomes Love

Using some selected crystals and a line of lit incense sticks I set about first transforming the energy frequency from anger into love. Then I created a barrier so that there was no link between the energies of the rented house and that of the houses which adjoined the property. Finally, I cleared away the “stickiness” of the imprinted area, so that any energies flowing over that spot would pass through it and continue on a natural course, rather than become stuck and stagnant.

Immediate Results

When I called the landlady back she asked the obvious question. How long will it take to change the situation? I told her that the situation was changing straight away and that she should expect some different outcomes very quickly. What about the troublesome guy who was pestering her? He was abroad at the moment but would be back soon to try to move in? I said that I felt that his reasons for wanting to move here had now been removed, and so she should not expect any more trouble from him.

However, even I was amazed when I got a text a few days later. The landlady had got a call the same evening from a suitable tenant whom she had agreed to rent the house to. The troublesome man who wanted to rent it disappeared, never to be heard from again! Well – that all worked out brilliantly!

If you are suffering similar symptoms in your rental home or your owned property then why not call me in to investigate?


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