Radio interview on Calon FM available here

In this interview I talk about all of the types of energy work that I do, and about how I got to this point through dowsing, divination and druidry. The show is called “Feed Me” and is hosted by the lovely Denise Oliver for Calon FM – a Welsh community radio station based in Wrexham.

Chris interviewed at Calon FM Nov 14

In addition to talking about my work I get the chance to play five of my favourite songs, which are:-

  1. “Double Vegetation” by Julian Cope – from the album “Peggy Suicide”
  2. “Moments of Pleasure” by Kate Bush – from the album “The Red Shoes”
  3. “Relative Ways” by ..And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – from the album “Source Tags and Codes”
  4. “The Green Man” by Roy Harper – from the album “The Green Man”
  5. “Answered Prayers” by David Sylvian – from the album “Gone To Earth”
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