Protection against dark energies

In this tale a friend of a friend of a friend mentioned something about their house being haunted, and next thing you know my friend is inviting me to call them to arrange a visit.

Now I like to be prepared. Hence, there were introductory phone calls, confirmation calls, and a rough background on the likely encounter was established. Then I set about dowsing what I could about the situation. For example: How bad was it? Was it urgent? I mention the ‘job’ to my wife and she said simply “Annabel.” OK – I would keep that information in my pocket and see if it was relevant.

Pure Preparations

Over the next few days I consult with my spirit guide to see whether I could obtain any guidance about what I might need for the work. No tools were needed for this work. So, I ask if I need any spiritual assistance. That answer was more helpful – the image of a glowing Archangel Michael keeps appearing. For me Archangel Michael means bullet-proof, steel-cage, flak-jacket protection. Now, I don’t do angel cards, I don’t have angel images around the house, and I don’t go round telling people about angels. However, their interventions and appearances in recent times have been both exciting and incredibly helpful.

The Fun Begins

I pull up at a typical suburban semi-detached house which is already decorated for the up-coming Christmas festivities. It is an inviting house and a modern couple – Jenna and Harry – greet me, telling me that they have sent the kids away for the evening to be looked after.

I sit and chat and Jenna and Harry are both happy to fill me in on the background.

A girl, dressed in a nightgown, long hair, face never seen, both parents have witnessed her separately. The husband has seen her in the upstairs toilet room. The wife felt her get out of her bed and then saw her walking on the landing heading to the toilet room. Both appearances were between 2am and 4am.

The couple insists that despite the time of day they were fully aware and awake at the time of the events they witnessed.

 I begin by working through my checklist downstairs. The main points from my dowsing checklist are:-

  1. The strength of the problem on a scale of 1-10 was 7.5. Certainly something that needed attending to. This would become a physical or mental problem affecting the residents in 3 days.
  2. There are two main identifiable sources for the energetic imbalance in the house.
  3. The energies had become a problem over the last two months.
  4. The source of the sighting (of a little girl) was the energetic remains of a human. I felt she was connected with a previous resident.
  5. The situation could be remedied through the application of light energy and angelic assistance. Straight away I knew who I would be calling upon for this.
  6. The change would take three days to completely restore a harmonious balance.
  7. No follow-up visits would be required once the work was done.

I got all this from working through a piece of paper, without any physical interaction.

All the action is upstairs, with one spot particularly strong and strange. It has an energy trail going from the master bedroom into the small toilet room. Along this path are the two places where the girl shade has been seen.

I decide to concentrate on the point where the energy is registering as strongest. This spot has both positive and negative energies associated with it, I find. I take the plunge and step into the spot with full protection and allow myself to feel for the energies.  I let myself feel the vibration of the energies without letting them come into my protective sphere. Once I get their measure, I begin to allow my own energy field to move into phase with the energy around me…. a feeling emerges….

The positive energy reveals herself as a young girl, around 6-8 years old maybe, with long dark brown hair. She looks like the girl out of the film ‘The Ring‘, I notice! I ask her if she is “Annabel“. I get a positive feeling, but no direct response. She seems to react to the name and accept the moniker. Perhaps I should have asked her to identify herself before I suggested a name? It’s too late now.

The girl spirit who wouldn't show her face

The girl spirit who wouldn’t show her face


I can feel that she is an inhabitant here, and that she is connected to a previous occupant. She is friendly, and likes the current householders, especially their young daughter – the two are around the same age.

I thank her for allowing me to talk, and then I turn my attention to the ‘other’ side of the energy spectrum.

It is powerful and imposing. It is pure dark – a void, an energy sink which is spreading into the house. Its only purpose is to devour and grow. Annabel is trying to hold it at bay, but she is weakened now and crying for help. In a matter of days she would have lost the battle completely. I refuse to give the dark void any more attention and I disconnect. I know that the householders will ask questions about what it was, but something is telling me not to engage with it or try to probe it. Any attention at all is feeding it.

Into the Darkness

I confirm my ideas about the method to use in this case. Yes, I am correct – I need to call upon angelic assistance – the spirit of the Archangel Michael specifically. I’m not religious in the orthodox sense, yet the energetic form which is identifiable as that name can be called upon for such work, and in this case it is the best “tool” I have for the job, if you forgive the association. Michael is a powerful source of Otherworldly light energy.

I begin by identifying the location of the darkness. It is seeping into the room and is all around me at this point. I unravel it by grabbing hold of it, and then I imagine that I am pushing it outside the window. I am holding it at bay at this point, and the moment that the darkness is completely outside of the house, so I create an energetic shield with my hands which will hold the darkness outside. Once this is stable and solid I call upon Michael to do his work. In effect I plead for his intervention and to remove the darkness to a place of safety where it can be dealt with appropriately. Of someone were observing they might have said that I prayed, but there were no words exchanged except in my head.

What happens next is almost indescribable, but I’ll try.

I’m in trance, holding back a pulsating dark blob of nothingness which is wriggling outside the house. From somewhere high up in the sky and to my right a streak of powerful white light flashes down like a lightning bolt. It grabs the dark blob and within a split second removes it entirely, retreating back up the same way it came with the same lightning speed. Within that split second moment came a powerful aura, a feeling of immense power and … preponderance. That’s the word I would use. An overwhelming power.

The darkness was gone. Outside was only the breezy coldness of a winter’s night. The garden was normal, unassuming, and devoid of anything which could be described as a dark presence. Wow. Incredible, amazing, shocking!

I turned my attention to Annabel. She was still beside me. Her fear was subsiding, and I took the opportunity to show her how I created my energy shield. She stood behind me as i raised my arms and she stepped into my shape – mimicking the movements and the intentions that I used when creating this shield to protect the house. I smiled – good, she was willing to learn how to do this herself. That would save us coming back later.

A Mirror Reflecting Darkly

I leave Annabel re-charging, having set up a positive power centre which would feed her energy from the trees, plants and elementals around the area. I feel it is best to involve the local energies in such work, rather than call upon anything from outside. Local energy for local spirits.

As Douglas Adams said:

“Protect me from knowing what I don’t need to know.  Protect me from even knowing that there are things to know that I don’t know.  Protect me from knowing that I decided not to know about the things that I decided not to know about.” (source: Mostly Harmless)

I had dealt with the knowables. I had moved on to some of the unknowables. When I de-brief the house owners they begin asking questions, some of which I can answer, some of which I can’t. The biggest thing I decide not to know about is the ‘nature’ of the darkness. That was what they want to know most about, but this was not something that they should go looking to blame themselves for. Sometimes it’s unknowable.

The important thing is that Annabel is not the deviant spirit they thought they were “infested” with. She is in fact a nice girl who wants to be around the family. I felt she was connected to a previous owner in some way, but can’t get more information than that. She made an energetic effort to get attention in order to be noticed, probably hoping that someone like us would be called in to help. And help I did. So far, finger crossed, Annabel’s world is stable again. The family will have a merry Christmas.

I heard back from the household a few weeks after these events. All was well, and they had not had any “odd” feelings, or sightings of the girl. Everything felt normal. I know that Annabel is in there somewhere, protecting the house but staying hidden from the adults. Kids, eh?

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