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I am Chris McDermott - an experienced dowser, diviner and druid. I help people to learn how to discover and use sources of personal and spacial energy to achieve optimal performance through a state of balance.

To achieve balance I employ a process of cleansing, energising and synergising subtle energy forces in the body to achieve peak performance at all times, and I harmonize the environment to ensure that balance can be sustained.

I trained myself in the art of dowsing and divination (e.g. tarot) and mastered the skills and disciplines of modern druidry (e.g. meditation, harmony with the seasons, and co-operation with the divine forces of Nature).

My aim is to help people overcome conditions such as insomnia, lethargy and hyperactivity, and I am skilled in energy healing (particularly with tumours).

What is “reconstellation”?

Reconstellation is the name of a process used to identify the places and spaces that are not in harmony with your energy field. The space can then be transformed energetically to provide you with a balanced and harmonized place to live and work in order to maximize your energy.

Reconstellation involves three 'movements': cleansing, energising and harmonizing. I clear out what you don't need, replace it with new vibrant energy , then link this to stable and replenishable sources to set a long-term flow which promotes peace, harmony, stability, strength and luck.

Do you want to feel more energized? Do you want to get more out of your time? Do you want to reclaim all of the space in your home or workplace? Through the process of reconstellation your energies can be harmonized, and the benefits this provides can be yours.

Here are some of the symptoms of not being harmonized:-

  • Interrupted or restless sleep patterns
  • Rooms in your house or workplace that you don't make use of
  • Feeling tired and depleted, even though you are eating healthily and regularly
  • Having streaks of bad luck

What can I do to reclaim my energy and get my home or workspace harmonized?

Call Chris on 07889 750345 for an initial phone consultation. This work can be done in your home, your workplace or remotely for your convenience and discretion.


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