The House Trap

Ever felt like you’ll never sell your house no matter what you do? Sometimes the problem is not an obvious one.

I went to see a client recently who had a beautiful old house in an idyllic countryside setting. It was picture-perfect in every way. It had a new modern spacious a light section linked to a much older traditional yet stylish original house structure. The client had spent a small fortune on getting the house just right, putting right all the issues and making it a real family home with every amenity a modern family needs.

Yet three times the house sale had got to the point of exchange, then fallen through. Bad luck? Or was there something else affecting the property? I was brought in to investigate.

A typical Cheshire Tudor style mansion

A typical Cheshire Tudor style mansion

The main issue affecting the house was to be found on the house’s dark northern wall. This was the side of the house which didn’t get much light and warmth, but it wasn’t the chill wind that made the area feel uncomfortable. When I dowsed for a problem I was led to the northern-facing wall. It was an area where nothing was growing, and it felt “prickly”. I reached the centre of the problem and felt a tingle. The energy here was strongly feminine, but not left by a human. It was living energy, and when I worked through my checklist of categories for energies the dowsing rods stopped on “elemental“.

It was a female earth elemental – a “lady gnome”, if you like. However you chose to classify the energy form – it wasn’t content. I sensed a great deal of frustration and sorrow when I stood in her presence. I asked the dowsing rods to take me to something that would show me the source of the problem. I moved only a few feet away to the very edge of the house – at its corner. I sensed there was something that I needed to discover here, and as I couldn’t dig I would need to use a remote viewing technique to explore it.

The answer came back clearly. There was a broken hammer buried as part of a ritual designed to bring luck to the house. However, when the hammer had been buried the iron head had trapped the earth elemental. Iron is a means of creating a barrier against subtle energy forms, and also has the ability to pin it in place. That is just what had happened here, yet completely unintentionally, it seemed. One person’s luck was another spirit’s misfortune!

With the spirit’s co-operation I set about breaking the bond between hammer head and elemental using three blocking crystals, and placing one over the elemental to focus the energy. With a bit of input the bond was soon broken . I called in some support from a guiding spirit I work with, and soon the elemental was free. She vanished rapidly into the earth, spiralling downwards with delight. No time for a thank you, then? I guess I just didn’t hear it!

I related to the tale to an open-minded but nevertheless sceptical client. He took it well considering how far beyond his normal paradigms this information was. Then he opened up about his wife’s long-term feelings of tiredness and lethargy, and wondered if there was a connection. I couldn’t say for certain, but I felt that the whole atmosphere of frustration would now be lifted from the house, and with no elemental spirit potentially draining the inhabitants’ energies, there was every chance that health issue would be alleviated.

What about the prospect of a sale, the client enquired? Three people had pulled out of a sale at the last moment, to date. There are no guarantees with selling houses – there are multiple reasons why people do or don’t buy houses, but this work will have gone a long way towards making the property feel nicer for prospective tenants. In my opinion the majority of the desire to purchase a house is generated by the feeling that buyers are left with from their first visit. First impressions do count – a lot! My work aims to create the climate for the best first impression. With the troublesome and antagonistic energy feeling dispensed, the prospects for a sale will only be improved.

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