Cancer healing #6 – Bloodstones for the heart

After five sessions we had settled into a routine for how to work. We felt relaxed doing the work, yet there was still space to allow in the unexpected intuitive moment to truly follow the natural and inevitable course that this treatment was guiding us to follow. This session would see work being done on […]

Cancer healing #5 – New indigo energy

In the fifth session of our seven healing encounters Sarah was in less of a “good place” medically, but was still incredibly buoyant emotionally and energetically. Her positive attitude and receptivity to our healing work was such a pleasure to work with. Here are the main points of our fifth session of healing work:-  I had been […]

Cancer healing #4 – Wells and wellness

This is the fourth part in my series of posts about working on complementing the healing process for cancer using subtle energy. In this post I have just got back from visiting an old holy well called Ffynnon Sarah, which is located near to the village of Nannerch in Denbighshire, North Wales. While I was at the […]

Cancer healing #3 – The Quartz Coincidence

In the third part of my cancer healing work I recount how an odd coincidence becomes a crucial focal point for strengthening the connection between the patient, Sarah, and myself as her healer. As I prepared to visit Sarah for our third session I felt that I should equip myself with a smoky quartz crystal […]

Cancer healing #2 – You are what you eat

SESSION #2: You Are What You Eat A week after the first session Sarah and I had our second session. For this session I had brought along a set of Healing Cards that I bought on a recommendation from a lady who taught me about spiritual coaching. The cards were well received, but the important aspect was the […]

Cancer healing #1 – Dark Matter

At the end of last year I got some news that shocked me. A friend had been diagnosed with cancer. She and her husband were some of the most positive and open-minded people you could hope to meet, and the prospect of this lady not seeing her daughter grow up was devastating. Sarah – see […]

The House Trap

Ever felt like you’ll never sell your house no matter what you do? Sometimes the problem is not an obvious one. I went to see a client recently who had a beautiful old house in an idyllic countryside setting. It was picture-perfect in every way. It had a new modern spacious a light section linked […]

The Right Renter

What can you do when you have the perfect home to rent out, but you can’t get the perfect tenant? You call me in to resolve the energy issues and change the situation for the better! One of my recent clients had a beautiful family home in a delightful forest location. It was everything a […]

Transforming haunting memories

This is the story of Andrea – a young lady who was haunted by the face of her grandfather on his death bed. I will explain how with one visit I was able to transform her memories into a happier image and resolve her sleep issues. I met Andrea’s mother during a business meeting, and over the […]

Protection against dark energies

In this tale a friend of a friend of a friend mentioned something about their house being haunted, and next thing you know my friend is inviting me to call them to arrange a visit. Now I like to be prepared. Hence, there were introductory phone calls, confirmation calls, and a rough background on the likely encounter […]