Cancer healing #6 – Bloodstones for the heart

After five sessions we had settled into a routine for how to work. We felt relaxed doing the work, yet there was still space to allow in the unexpected intuitive moment to truly follow the natural and inevitable course that this treatment was guiding us to follow. This session would see work being done on the blood systems via the heart.


Here are the main points of our sixth session of healing work:-

  • The selection of crystals that I feel inclined to work with for this session are Green Aventurine and Bloodstone crystals. From this I get the impression that we will be working on cleansing the blood in this session.
  • We got prepared – Sarah relaxing in a reclined position, and me standing behind her, where I invited her to open up her energy field, and I opened mine so that they could overlap and merge.
  • I  call my healing angel to assist again, and we begin to draw out three long spirals of dark energy. Again I collect them and then blow them away. As they are taken out Sarah reports a sharp pain in the associated areas. She saw a purple/pink energy coming from the angelic presence behind me.
  • I moved around the room, placing the crystals on items which had corresponding colours, except for one of each crystal which was left in a wooden bowl. I drew in energy by touching each stone and then asked Sarah to open her heart chakra to this energy. The heart would distribute the energy around her body through the blood.
  • We did this a second time and next time around we found that the energy was much stronger.

Healing Card: “Friendliness, compassion, and delight cultivates a calm mind”. A perfect card for heart work!

Sarah was continuing her good work with her diet and exercise regime. We had one more session to go and I knew already that it would be a big one. It would be the culmination of all the work we had done so far, working on removing various forms of dark energy that were feeding the cancerous response mechanism. We had also bolstered many of the energy systems that had become depleted by her cancer treatment.
At the end of this session we were both hopeful at the final outcome, but a bit sad that there would be one one more session. I think Sarah was enjoying the relaxation time!
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