Cancer healing #5 – New indigo energy

In the fifth session of our seven healing encounters Sarah was in less of a “good place” medically, but was still incredibly buoyant emotionally and energetically. Her positive attitude and receptivity to our healing work was such a pleasure to work with.

Here are the main points of our fifth session of healing work:-

  •  I had been shown in recent journeys out that I had new healing frequencies that I could use – the primary one being a dark blue colour that I associated with the colour “indigo”
  • We connect as usual, and I begin to feel that my connection is with a tumour that is situated right on the edge of the sternum. I can feel a twinge in my own breastbone.
  • I  call my healing angel to assist, and we begin to extract – to corkscrew out – several strands of dark energy, which I collect and blow away (asking the angel to take them from me and transform them).
  • I see the dark blue (indigo) energy. I send it to Sarah and then ask her whether she sees any colours. “A dark blue” she says. Good!
  • The dark blue energy is filling the gaps we have left behind, taking the place of the dark energy, and initiating Sarah’s own healing process in relation to the cancerous cells.

Healing Card: “Help others quietly, without expecting gratitude or rewards“.

In a strange coincidence we had just exchanged belated Christmas presents! I felt this was a message for us both. Sarah had been talking of promoting my healing work on her blog, but I was not yet convinced that this should be done until we knew the results.

After the 5th session Sarah went for a scan to determine the status of the tumours – specifically their size. She reported back that all the tumours had shrunk, and that she was therefore well on her way to ridding herself of this vile condition. I was still keen, however, to see out the rest of the remaining sessions. Having been instructed that seven sessions would be needed, I wanted to see them through to the end. We agreed to continue, although our next session would have a gap of a few weeks.

Let’s see what happens next!


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