Cancer healing #4 – Wells and wellness

This is the fourth part in my series of posts about working on complementing the healing process for cancer using subtle energy. In this post I have just got back from visiting an old holy well called Ffynnon Sarah, which is located near to the village of Nannerch in Denbighshire, North Wales.

While I was at the well I was working with my spirit guides, and they guided me to bathe a new rose quartz crystal in the running waters of the stream next to the well. When I did that I felt like it absorbed some of the healing properties of the well, and that I too had in some way had these properties imparted into me as well!


When I left the well I felt that I needed to bring that specific crystal with me to the healing session, and so I brought it along, as well as some water captured from the stream in a small plastic bottle (labelled “Chalice Well” – a famous well in Glastonbury).

Chalice Well at Glastonbury

Chalice Well at Glastonbury

Here are the main points of this session’s work:-

  • The healing work was easy today. Pink energy went into Sarah through my hands as I channelled my healing angel’s energies. The energy cleansed.
  • I drew out a really heavy dark thread from her chest. It took three goes to corkscrew it all the way out. I felt the density of the energy.
  • I replaced the energy taken out with a powder blue colour, and Sarah saw it as pink tinged with blue, which showed the way the two energies had come together. As always, I didn’t tell her the colours – she told me when I asked her what she was experiencing.

After our session I described the dark dense energy to Sarah. My hands had felt tainted, and I needed to blow the energy away (symbolically) to indicate to my healing helper that I needed this energy to be dealt with for me.

I gave Sarah the water that I had captured from the holy well in order to keep the pink crystal cleansed for when she needed it.

Healing Card: “Everything lost is found again; everything hurt is healed again”

The healing cards have become a regular feature, even if they’re not always obvious what they mean. From this card I feel we’re on the right track, and it re-assures me that she will be healed by the end of the process.

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