Cancer healing #3 – The Quartz Coincidence

In the third part of my cancer healing work I recount how an odd coincidence becomes a crucial focal point for strengthening the connection between the patient, Sarah, and myself as her healer.

As I prepared to visit Sarah for our third session I felt that I should equip myself with a smoky quartz crystal that a friend had recently given me as a gift, as well as the large rose quartz crystal that I had recently used in a group meditation. As the rose quartz had been surrounded by everyone’s lovely meditating energies I thought it might give off a nice vibration.

I had mentioned to my generous friend at the time that I avoid buying smoky quartz for myself because when I hold it I get an overwhelming feeling of power – limitless power – and this has made me very wary of it. However, this was a gift, so I had to accept it in the spirit it was given. I half expected never to have to use it, but here I was taking it with me for our third healing session. Why, I wondered?

I brought the smoky quartz crystal in my bag along with my large rose quartz crystal, not intending to do anything with the smoky quartz unless it was necessary. When I arrived Sarah couldn’t wait to tell me that she has bought a new bracelet, and that I would approve because it was made of some crystals or other that she rather liked the look of. The bracelet consisted of two crystals – rose quartz and smoky quartz! I reached into my bag and pulled out my large rose quartz crystal, then into my pocket to withdrew the smoky quartz crystal too. They were the only two crystals that I had with me! We laughed for ages at the synchronicity, mouths open wide.


A rose and smoky quartz bracelet

The Third Session Notes

During the session I ask Sarah to hold the smoky quartz and place the rose quartz nearby. The healing energy is again pale yellow/green, but Sarah sees it quickly transforming into a pinky/blue scintillating form.

When I draw out the grey/dark energy she feels every single extraction as it moves up through her chest and through her head and out. She describes each one as I’m doing it even though her eyes are always closed.

The healing energy going in is rosy and warm red energy. Sarah notices this and reports it, but I must admit I didn’t notice what colour it was this time.


Healing Card

Sarah has become infatuated with the healing cards. The healing card she draws this time is talking about being compassionate and not being judgemental, and about the blessing of friendship. I explain that this works both ways, and that she may notice that her friends may deal with her slightly differently because of her illness, especially as she is about to start conventional chemotherapy treatment.

There are four sessions left at this point. She hasn’t been for a scan at this stage so we don’t know whether the tumours have changed in size. However, now she is starting conventional chemotherapy, and so there will be snapshots taken at various stages, and this gives us the chance to do some comparisons.

In my mind I recall the information I was told at Llangernyw last year – that I would become a healer and that my specialism would be the reduction of tumours. Here was my most serious test case. Not the circumstances I would have wished on anyone, but here it is. At least I have the chance to contribute something, and hopefully help to save my friend’s life. A very serious introduction to serious healing! A baptism of energetic fire!

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