Cancer healing #2 – You are what you eat

SESSION #2: You Are What You Eat

A week after the first session Sarah and I had our second session. For this session I had brought along a set of Healing Cards that I bought on a recommendation from a lady who taught me about spiritual coaching. The cards were well received, but the important aspect was the energy healing.

Pale blue healing energy

Pale blue healing energy

The main points of the session were:-

  • I transmit a pale yellow/green energy. Again Sarah notices this, but says it is tinged with pale blue as well.
  • We are working with a rose quartz crystal this time because I’m a bit tired.
  • I am guided by my healing angel to put my hands a foot above her head. Sarah has her eyes closed when she says she feels a strong pressure on the top of her head as I draw out the dark energy in corkscrew spirals.
  • The energy that is put back into Sarah is pale blue. She feels this energy moving through her chest and spreading out as this work is done.
  • We draw a Healing Card for her and she gets a card telling her to be mindful of the food she eats as this will contribute to healing. She tells me that in the next two days she will start a macrobiotic diet!

I felt that the yellow/green energy was some form of purifying or cleansing energy. This was the energy that I had used in the first session – think of it as a “detox” energy. In this second session the nature of the healing energy began to be changed by my healing helper. I believe the blue energy was associated with calming the chemistry of Sarah’s body, providing a gentle ‘cooling’ effect, and leaving her particularly relaxed. This was the start of the second stage of the healing. First cleansing, then calming in preparation for further work.

Again, at the end of the session Sarah reports that she feels relaxed. It is like she has been meditating for half an hour, yet we have barely spoken and there was no calming music being played to set a mood. The relaxation has come about purely from the energy work that was done.

She enjoyed the introduction of the healing card deck, and so we decide to continue that in future sessions. Next is a description of the third session in our series of seven.

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