Cancer healing #1 – Dark Matter

At the end of last year I got some news that shocked me. A friend had been diagnosed with cancer. She and her husband were some of the most positive and open-minded people you could hope to meet, and the prospect of this lady not seeing her daughter grow up was devastating. Sarah – see Sarah’s Story on Facebook – was going to try all available treatments. She would use chemotherapy, special diets, exercise, positive mental attitude and, interestingly, she was open to me doing some healing work on her too.

The inspirational Sarah Pickles

The inspirational Sarah

I was rather daunted. This wasn’t just a cold, lethargy or a physical niggle. This was serious stuff. I wondered if I would have the wherewithal to make any difference. Nevertheless, I went away to do some research on her condition. I found out that cancerous cells behave as they do because their “self destruct” mechanism does not trigger, and thus they continue to reproduce way beyond the normal lifespan. That’s an over-simplification, but it will suffice for my purposes.

I did some meditation at one of my favourite local sacred sites and asked about how to do the healing. The response I got from my Spirit Self was that I needed some essential elements to my work with Sarah:-

  • There would need to be SEVEN sessions of healing in order to complete the treatment
  • The healing energy would be sourced from an angelic energy that I had met on Iona island years ago
  • I would provide the channel for this energy
  • I might sometimes need support from crystals to correctly configure or target the energy

I wanted to record the things that we experienced together in our sessions, so here is a record of the seven healing sessions – how they went, what happened, what Sarah experienced. Follow my progress using the tag #cancer-healing.

SESSION #1: Dark Matter

In our first session we laid out some ground rules. Sarah would sit comfortably in a reclining position, and I would stand behind her. No touch was required to deliver the healing energy. I would need a few moments at the start of each session to get ‘connected’ and become a channel. Sarah would need a few moments to relax. We got prepared, neither of us knowing quite what to expect in these circumstances.

Here are the main points of the session:-

  • I see a pale yellow/green energy moving out of my hands. Sarah notices this.
  • She tells me she sees grey/dark energy in the affected area. I feel for the energy then feel I should ‘corkscrew’ this out. She feels it being removed.
  • She notices when I put new energy back into her chest area. She feels the energy coming down from my hands.
  • The grey/dark energy is very heavy and it makes me tired very quickly. I get rid of it by blowing it off my hands and asking my healing angel to deal with it.

As we concluded the session and I began to close down the energy space I could see that Sarah looked relaxed. She reported that she felt physically and mentally relieved, if only for the space of half an hour or so off from the bustle of daily life with nothing to do other than rest. Yet, I think the energy work had something to do with that state – that’s how other clients have reported their state of mind after energy healing work.

Those were the main points of the first session. In subsequent posts I will expand on the healing work itself. There are six more sessions to go, and in the next few I introduce some prediction cards for Sarah to pick from. The sessions begin to create even more startling coincidences and correspondences as the healing relationship develops. I hope you enjoy the next in the series of posts.

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